Public service over politics.

Working within my neighborhood, I talk with people young and old, newcomers and old timers. We all want the same things.

We want to live in a safe and clean neighborhood. We don't want to have to empty our car of valuables to prevent a break in. We don't want to add that extra deadbolt to the back door. We want to walk through our neighborhoods without fear. As director of the Olde Richmond Town Watch, I made it my priority to improve the quality of life for my neighbors. I want to expand that effort to the entire 177th district.

We want responsible solutions to the opioid epidemic. My advocacy for responsible drug laws is an effort to rid our parks and playground of used needles and keep public injection off our streets. I want to spare families the devastation of losing a loved one to addiction. I want people to feel safe walking around their neighborhoods. If we are serious about ending this crisis, it has to be easier to get help than it is to get high. 

This is a working class district. We share working class values. We want quality education for all families. We want fair wages for honest work. We want a healthcare system that will be there when we need it. We want a government that listens. 

We have serious problems, we need a serious candidate. I am asking for your vote on Tuesday, May 15th 2018. With your help, we can build safer streets and stronger neighborhoods. 


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